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Clubs & Equipment£5,000
Personal Liability£5 million
Personal Accident£75,000
Loss of Subscription£2,500
Non-negligent damage£750
Tournament Fees£750
Dental Treatment£300
Dental Treatment£350
Hole in One£350
Policy Excess£50 per claim

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Clubs & Equipment£2,000
Personal Liability£5 million
Personal Accident£50,000
Loss of Subscription£1,250
Non-negligent damage£5,000
Tournament Fees£150
Dental Treatment£600
Dental Treatment£200
Hole in One£200
Policy Excess£50 per claim

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my clubs insured in a car?

Yes, they are insured whilst travelling to, from and during a golfing event. This includes leaving them in a securely locked luggage area at the golf club between the hours of 8am and 10pm. If you require further cover in the car please telephone us.

Are my clubs insured in a locker at the golf club?

Yes, they are insured as long as the locker is securely locked.

What form of Valuation is acceptable when making a claim for equipment?

An Insurance Valuation undertaken prior to any loss or damage should be sought when no other evidence of purchase is available. The description should be full and adequately detailed to enable a comparable article(s) of similar quality to be obtained in the event of a claim being submitted to your insurer. It should be compiled on the basis of what a broadly similar article will cost to replace in the unfortunate event of loss or damage. The valuation should represent average retail prices in the usual, local market. The retailer who undertakes the valuation should be the original supplier of the equipment unless this is not possible (e.g. retailer has ceased trading) then a valuation from a recognised golf equipment supplier will be acceptable.

Do I need my original receipts to make a claim?

Original receipts, a Bank or Credit Card Statement or Valuation showing evidence of purchase or supporting document confirming purchase and ownership are required. If you do not have these claims will be dealt with on an indemnity basis.

Is golf equipment covered on a ‘New For Old’ basis?

Yes, equipment replacement is on a ‘New for Old’ basis for items purchased new and up to three years old subject to satisfactory proof of ownership. Items which are older than three years or not purchased new will be replaced on the indemnity value of that equipment at the time of loss or damage. You can extend the standard cover to be for the ‘Life’ of your equipment so in the event of a claim you would receive comparable article(s) of equivalent quality that matches the specification of those following loss or damage, regardless of its age. If you require ‘New For Old For Life’ then simply select this option on your application.

What are the policy excesses?

*Golf Equipment, Personal Effects, Golfing Trophies, Dental Treatment £50,
Golf Buggy equipment £150,
Hospitalisation 24 hours,
Loss of Club Subscription 90 days.
There is no excess against Personal Liability, Accidental Damage to Third Party Property, Hole in One and Personal Accident cover.
*The policy excess can be removed if the policy “Excess Waiver” option is selected for a small charge.

Does my household policy cover me for golfing accidents?

Very few household policies will cover you adequately for the risks involved in playing golf. Ask yourself the questions below.

Is cover provided whilst at the golf club, when playing on the course or at the driving range… swingSURE Insurance Cover Average Household Cover
Hit in the eye  ✓
Hit in the mouth  ✓  ✖
Hit another person  ✓  ✖
Lose your clubs  ✓  ✖
Your clubs are stolen away from home  ✓  ✖
Break a window  ✓  ✖
Hole-in-one  ✓  ✖
Dental cover  ✓  ✖
Hit as a golf spectator  ✓  ✖
Covered at the driving range

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